Meagan: Photographer

Name: Meagan Hollis

Age: 28

City: Mobile, Alabama

Side Hustle: “Momtographer.” I am a stay-at-home mom and photographer!

How did you get started?: I began my journey in photography after my daughter (Kate) was born. My husband bought me a DSLR camera so I could capture every new adventure with our little girl. Unfortunately I had no idea how to use it, so I signed up for an online course and taught myself. With lots of practice and hard work, I finally mustered up the courage to start putting my work out there!

When/where do you work?: I am currently a stay at home mom, but before I began a career in photography, I was an radiology tech at Springhill Medical Center. Fortunately for me, I now how the time to practice my photography whenever I please!

What are the challenges of your Side Hustle?: The main challenge for me was finding my confidence. Being new in a new field is very intimidating. There are so many great photographers out there, so finding my niche and confidence was definitely the hardest part! Luckily I have a great support system and clients who love my work.

What are the rewards of your Side Hustle?: The biggest reward for me is when my clients love the work I have done. I love seeing them post the picture that I took. Total confidence booster!

Who is your greatest supporter?: My greatest supporter would have to be my husband, Nick. He has been so great throughout this whole journey. Encouraging me when I have self doubt, helping me decide on which edit to send to my clients, and loving me through it all. I definitely could not have done this without him.

Who/what is your greatest source of inspiration?: Definitely my family. Sometimes I will look at my daughter and get so many cute ideas for new shoots. Not only do I get creative inspiration from her, she also drives me to do better. I want to give her the best life possible and with photography it gives me the flexibility to do so.

Have you received recognition for your work? If so, please toot your horn below so we can include these details in your profile.: I actually had Aveeno Skin Care reach out to me. They wanted to feature one of my images on their Instagram page! It may be small to most people, but for me this was huge!

What is your dream for your Side Hustle?: My dream for my side hustle is to grow and develop into a seasoned photographer. I love the flexibility that this hustle gives me. I get to do what I love and still have tons of time to spend with my family!

Do you have any advice for others working on a Side Hustle?:

Just go for it. You will never know what you are capable of until you put yourself out there. It’s okay to be nervous, scared, and anxious, because this is a whole new adventure for you!

I am a huge Disney fan so I always go back to a quote from Walt Disney:
“All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them.”

Check out Meagan’s work on Facebook and Instagram, or reach out via email to connect or collaborate!

Author: virginiakinnier

Founder of Side Hustle

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