Gemma: Healthy Lifestyle Blogger

Name: Gemma

Age: 27

City: Sydney, Australia

Main Hustle: Journalist

I am a radio news journalist turned online digital journalist. I write mainly current affairs and news, but I also freelanced for health/fitness and travel sites while travelling the world for two years.

Side Hustle:
Sunlit Eyes – a healthy lifestyle blog

How did you get started?: My side hustle is my true love. On Sunlit Eyes I write from my heart. It’s healthy lifestyle, but through my eyes.

I don’t see healthy as a diet of kale and having an instagrammable rig 24/7. I had that—it was boring. I am passionate about sharing a manageable form of healthy. For me, a big part of that is travel and lifestyle, not just what you put in your mouth and how you move your body.

The phrase “Sunlit Eyes” was formed, because I want to remind people to always see the positive, to see the sun in everything they do. Be positive, and you’ll attract positive.

I am already a writer and a journalist by trade. Sunlit Eyes started at a turning point in my life. I quit my job, my life, and my current boyfriend and I moved to the other side of the world. I wanted to document my life jump, provide inspiration for others to do the same and focus my then unemployed self toward the things I was passionate about.

When/where do you work on your Side Hustle?: I write on public transport, be it a train or plane.

When I travel, I keep track of cool places I see and visit in the notes section on my phone. I write articles on my lunch break and while I am relaxing on the couch after my day job is done. My mind is full of ideas, it never runs dry, and I fit content creation in where and when I can.

I only recently started my Sunlit Eyes Instagram. I post on my way to Crossfit, on the 6:20 AM bus. It’s become a routine.

What are the challenges of your Side Hustle?: There are so many “healthy” blogs out there. So how do I make mine shine? What makes mine different? Breaking into the industry is hard when you start from nothing. If I had the financial freedom to work on it full time, I am sure I could grow it quicker, but I don’t have the luxury to do that. But I am just going to keep creating content from the heart when and where I can and see where it takes me.

What are the rewards of your Side Hustle?: It’s my therapy. It’s my passions written down.

I have always been an “over-sharer” so by creating this content and having it live somewhere, even if no one is reading it, it makes me happy to get it out there and write it down.

My friends will say to me “Where should I stay in Greece?” or “What was that banana cake you made that time?” Well, I now have somewhere to direct them to.

Who is your greatest supporter?: I can’t pick one. I have three, and they support in different ways.

My parents: subscribe to my site and read everything I do. My parents have never questioned the decisions I make in my life—they just support them.

My boyfriend: lives a very similar, health-focused lifestyle to me, and is more than happy for me to blog, photograph, Instagram our lives and holidays away without a second thought.

My best friend: my travel inspiration. She’s a dreamer, a supporter, and my own personal cheer squad.

Who/what is your greatest source of inspiration?: There was a time when I never would have admitted this. But my strength is my greatest inspiration.

I used to care what others thought of me. But I’ve come to realise, someone might “care” for a few minutes or a conversation, and then they go back to their lives. My life is MINE; it’s completely unique to me.

I draw inspiration from my hardships, my successes, my tragedies, my personal motivations, and my learnings from others. I gain such inspiration by observing how they fit into the tetris that is life and everyone else out there in the world.

Have you received recognition for your work? If so, please toot your horn below: My site has sparked the interest of similar, more accomplished sites along the same vein. I have written content for both Hip and Healthy and Bekibo,  which are both UK based.

What is your dream for your Side Hustle?: I would love to make it my main hustle one day. I would love nothing more than to make my own rules and stop working on someone else’s dream. I want to work on my own dream.

Do you have any advice for others working on a Side Hustle?: Just keep swimming.

I have by no means “made it yet” with Sunlit Eyes,  and if I wasn’t strong or I cared about what others might say, I might have just packed it in already. But instead of worrying about how many people are reading, or how many followers I have, I am just focusing on making great content I am proud of and having it live somewhere. I am treating “followers and readers” as a bonus.

To learn more about Gemma and her Side Hustle, visit the Sunlit Eyes blog, following along on Instagram, or reach out via email to connect or collaborate!

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Founder of Side Hustle

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