On International Women’s Day this year, I got to thinking about the many, many inspiring women in my circle and the creative ways in which they use their time and talents to make the world a much brighter, beautiful, kinder place.

It made me wonder, what if there was a transparent way for women, who double as attorneys and fashion bloggers, assistants and writers, moms and painters, teachers and photographers, to connect and celebrate our multifaceted lives?

This is where the idea to create a positive online platform showcasing our hidden passions and tucked away dreams came from, so we can give each other a leg up into a future that looks a little bit more like our daydreams and a little bit less like days of untapped potential.

I reached out to my friends, who reached out to their friends, and as the responses flowed in, I started adding profiles to a site that began to look more like a community of dreamers than an online site for women. I hope you’ll join us.

Please share this site with any women you know who are currently side hustling in any number of ways (publicly or privately) who deserve a shoutout or an “I’m with you” from other women who probably need it too. God knows I do.

Keep yo side hustle,


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