Rachel: Baker

Name: Rachel Morrison

Age: 28

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

“Real Job”: Stay at home Mom/Aunt

Side Hustle: (Very) amateur baker

How long: Two years

Where: At home, during naptime

Best part: Pulling a super amazing loaf out of the oven

Worst part: Pulling a failed loaf out of the oven when it has taken days to make

Your greatest supporter: My child Rhodes, who loves bread

Your inspiration: My husband who started my obsession with our sourdough starter. If he wasn’t working around the clock in his residency, he’d be my co-baker. He is that when he gets the opportunity.

Side Hustle Dreams:

Right now I just bake for my own self growth and sanity. The feeding, mixing, kneading, and baking that goes into bread gives me a sense of accomplishment and identity outside of my role as a mother. Each loaf teaches me something, and I love being able to constantly learn through doing.

If this randomly one day leads to something beyond that, I am open to it. Right now my side hustle is my selfish way to better myself and exercise my mind all while nourishing my friends and family.

Reach out to Rachel here if you’re interested in learning more or collaborating!


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